5th Workshop on Complex Networks



Public Lecture by Alessandro Vespignani

(will be given in ITALIAN with slides in english)

Date and Time: March 11, 5pm

Place: Aula Magna, Accademia delle Belle Arti,

Via delle Belle Arti 54, Bologna

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Modeling and forecast of socio-technical systems in the data-science age


In recent years the increasing availability of computer power and informatics tools has enabled the gathering of reliable data quantifying the complexity of socio-technical systems. Data-driven computational models have emerged as appropriate tools to tackle the

study of processes as diverse as epidemic outbreaks, information and knowledge diffusion and Internet packet routing. These models aim at providing a rationale for understanding and eventually forecast the behavior of socio-technical systems. Here I review some of the recent progress in this area as well as the challenges we face in achieving true predictive power  in systems that integrates the complex features and heterogeneities of real-world systems.


Important Dates


    March 12-14, 2014